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deviation in storage by weisen1



loves Enkidou

12/13/07 - Wow! I'm glad that Gilgamesh is still attracting fans after all these years! Welcome new member :devDragonDarkFire ! :D

02/05/07 - I'm glad that people are still interested in Gilgamesh. Welcome new members tenshi-no-uta and divhysteric . Plus a new affiliate DearS-fanclub!!!! Thank you all for still having interest in this club!!! (Though it's practically dead. ;_; )

07/09/06 - Still alives?!?!?! XD;; Hahaha, I guess so for the time being. Anyway, welcome new members Before-I-Sleep CariShidao and roxannabanana77! I'm so glad that people are able to watch the anime. ^o^ Please feel free to display your artworks too ~ I'd love to see them~:heart:

08/06/04 - GILGAMESH IS LICENSED TO ADV!!!! Please buy the DVD to support the series. :D

GILGAMESH LJ community:… ! Thanks to new member: mobiledolls

This club is dedicated to the awesome, cool, eccentric, and unique Gilgamesh anime :D (are you feeling the love?? :love:) If you don't already know, the anime is loosely based off the Mesopotamian legend, "Gilgamesh."

This club is owned by:
:iconkace353: :iconniisan:

and currently kept alive by: kace353

++What is the Gilgamesh legend?++
Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk who is half human, half god. He seeks immortality after the death of his dear friend, Enkidu. The idea of death scared him immensely which was why he sought immortality. Along the way, Gilgamesh becomes wiser and learns to deal with death and dying. In some version of Gilgamesh, he becomes immortal after he died and rules the underworld. (Summary is a bit fuzzy since I've/kace353 have read it a year ago. XD;; )

++What is Gilgamesh the anime?++
A dark anime set in the future, after a terrorist attack done by a scientist prodigy "Enkidou." The anime follows a group of special kids and a mysterious countess and their fight to save the shattered world from another terrorist attack. It has currently ended (so sadddd ;o; ) with 26 episodes.

++Main  :D
-OMURO Fuuko
-MADOKA Tatsuya
-MADOKA Kiyoko
-Hakushakufujin Hiroko

++Gilgamesh :drool:

-YUUKI Toranosuke
-YUUKI Reiko

Ackk Wow, so many characters yet still more to come~   ^^; (actually, just parents I think XD)

Theme is : Christmas/Winter/Holiday (or any Holiday during these months)

Submission : Post it up on your account and send me the link through a note. :) For those that dont want to draw for this contest, you can participate by coloring! I will be posting up some lineart some times in January. Be on the lookout for that. Also collaborative work are welcome too! :D I want to make this as fun and as enjoyable as possible so everyone please participate if you can. :D

Winner: Since the club is small and extremely inactive, I will choose the winner.

Prize: The entry gets featured on this site. :heart:

Deadline: CLOSED
Submission: invisible-mermaid -->…

++FAQ About Joining++
You gotta love Gilgamesh!!!!!!! :love: And pls NOTE us to join, do not reply/comment on site to join ^^; When you receive a letter of acceptance, pls add us to ur journals/signature :love: Tell ur friends about Gilgamesh~ SPREAD THE LOVE!!!!!!!

:icondeedster::iconelorena::iconsakurascented::icongimmik::iconagneshua::iconmobiledolls::iconnaruto-sexy-no-jutsu::iconkatanasedge::iconinvisible-mermaid::iconphantasy::iconcazandra::iconsi-ren::icondragonrider: :iconcoolbluex: :iconee-: :iconnikkay2: :iconweisen1: :iconmorgana17: :iconfallenangelofdarknes: :icondemonoki: :icongogolotus: :iconlaurel28: :iconrossilyn::iconligbi: :iconbefore-i-sleep: :iconcarishidao:  :iconroxannabanana77: :icontenshi-no-uta: :icondivhysteric: :iconDragonDarkFire

Well I dont know if they still work...XD But please take a look at them! :D

Fansubs: [Anime Forever] [Live-Evil]

:icongetbackersclub::iconshinsengumi-hq::iconiloveyaminomatsuei::iconanime-club::iconkazusa-club::iconchrnocrusade::iconshirow-miwa: :iconfullmetalalchemist::icondears-fanclub:
We need affiliates!!!!!!!! ToT (anybody know of any?)

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SallyAya666 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010  Hobbyist
I love Gilgamesh!
I'm so glad there is such a fan club :D
Core-Ray Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
WAAAA! a Gilgamesh club!!*_*
hooyahooya Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008
can I join?
finally I found a gilgamesh fan club
princesspomegranate Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Gilgamesh!!! Can I join?
DragonDarkFire Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2007   Traditional Artist
^_^ Glad to be part of the club. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the anime after seeing a preview on anime ondemand. I was so happy to see something dark like this. Everything ends up to hunky dory in most animes. Though I always wondered why everyone was so tall/skinny/....perfect. @_@ but that's beside the point.
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